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(one green pill at a time)

We’re building a CoordiNation across Nations & Cultures.

CoordiNation (noun): a network-society that exports regenerative digital infrastructure to the world.

Don't see a chapter in your area? Start one.

Learn > Books

Onchain Capital Allocation is a practical journey from present mechanisms to future possibilities.

Greenpill v0 is all about how crypto could regenerate the world.

Impact DAOs (2022) and Impact Networks (2024) are about web3 projects with a positive impact on the world.

Learn > podcast

The greenpill podcast dives deeper into the regenerative crypto-economic frontier.

With new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, the greenpill podcast is your go-to source for education, inspiration, & hope.

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Learn > Local Regen Guides

These regen recipe books are focused on teaching engaging new ways to regenerate your local community. We expect these guides to be pivotal in cross-pollinating engagement modalities across chapters.

greenpill local regen guide




Start an ImpactDAO

Distribute the book/podcast/meme.

Organize a teachback (meetup or written).

Run a regenerative experiment in your local community.

Come up with your own way of contributing.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

If you represent an organization that would like to partner with the greenpill network, please get in touch in the #introduce-yourself channel via discord.

Other Regen Conveners

Pluralism is strength! The greenpill network is built to be interoperable with the other great conveners out there in the regen x web3 ecosystem. These other organizations share a similar mission/ethos and offer complimentary resources to the